Reality Check: Views from a wet Saturday

It’s the weekend and wet as hell, my post Italy calm is definitely gone and I have a cold. I like wet weather as it happens, but in London when it rains the dirt that gets mixed in with the water sullies the whole experience. Arriving anywhere, but especially at work, wet and grubby is…

It’s not travel if

We’ve all heard “It’s not travel on a tour! And forget a cruise! Organised fun is for the elderly and the weak. Dive into the Asian subcontinent with just some elephant print harem pants and a hitchhiking thumb to really understand what travel is all about” and it’s bullshit.

Things I learned in Genoa

First, it’s chronically underrated. Perhaps it lacks the innate Italian-ness of Florence or Venice, its status as a major port through the centuries has lent it a more international feel, but it is worthwhile in its own right. For one, it has the biggest medieval city centre in Europe, putting Barcelona’s Ramblas to shame. If…

An Introduction

I’m in London today. Most days actually. I moved to the city a year ago and it doesn’t feel like home, even though I love it. I’m not sure why.

Postcards to Myself

I’m not a profligate poster on Instagram, but I do maintain an album of the places I’ve visited, and for a few days I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to share the epic-ness of my nine state journey with those who follow me, which was when I had a realisation. There was nothing wrong with my photographs.